How to Be Amazingly Productive in 2021 with These Time Management Strategies

Time Management Tips for “Ideas People”

Asana: How to Delegate Tasks while Capturing Great Ideas

Why can’t I just use a piece of paper and a pen?

The Done App: How habits are formed

How I use the Done App to Form and Track Habits

  1. This is the only one that is colored today because it’s the only one I’ve done. When I do the habit, I get to tap it, and then it goes from grey to pink (or whatever color you set) and makes me happy. Positive reinforcement!
  2. You can see that I have a 38-day streak. This means that I’ve looked at YNAB every day for 38 days (Woo for me, bad for Amazon).
  3. There are very few habits on my list. I’m up to 3, and now I’m done. You want to be careful (as you learn over and over again in the Aligned Time Journal) not to over-commit and try to form too many habits at once.
  4. You can see that I didn’t meditate today (which I call Soulo Time) but when you look at the history you’ll see that I’m not doing too bad. This keeps me from feeling too terrible when I break my streak.

Using the Aligned Time Journal for smart goal setting

  1. Does this match my 90-day goals?
  2. Is it absolutely required to prevent me from losing my job or going to jail?

Using Apple Notes to Support Goal Setting and Time Management

  • Links to articles with other people’s ideas
  • Links to forms, tutorials, and FAQs
  • Images or drawings
  • Contact info, names, and notes for phone calls I’ve had with consultants or vendors
  • Any random fact I want to be able to find later

Use a calendar to manage the minutes and hours of your day.

Time Blocking

  1. I take a look at the time I have available.
  2. I ask, “Given my commitments, how am I getting closer to my goals today?”
  3. Then, “What’s likely to get in my way?” often brings up this blocker: “Not having time set aside.”
  4. And THEN I figure out when I can work on it, and create the time block.

All Time Management Apps and Strategies Can Get Out of Hand

  • To-do lists can make you feel like a hamster on a wheel.
  • Calendars can become hyper-booked and leave you breathless and depleted.
  • Time blocking can make you feel like a slacker for a 2-hour block of unscheduled time.
  • Even the DONE app can become a laundry list of high-performance habits that simply serve to show you exactly how low a performer you are.



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